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Perfect Twenty
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Beautiful things for beautiful people.

Please read the 'MEMBERSHIP' section before applying for membership, as there are guidelines which you will need to follow in order to have your membership request approved.

Welcome to perfect_twenty. This is a community for plus-sized women to buy/sell/trade plus-sized clothing and shoes - the specific "yes and no's" are outlined in the rules section. Membership is by approval only - you need to be female to join, but you don't need to be plus-sized (i.e. you may have lost weight and want to sell clothes that are appropriate to this community, etc). This is primarily a UK-based community - you can join if you don't live in the UK, but you must be willing to "ship"/post to the UK.

Whilst we're here, we'd like to say thanks to yrmotherr for our layout!


You *must* join pt_feedback before applying for membership to this community *and* read the rules below. pt_feedback, as it states in the name, is a feedback community. This is where you can record what transactions you have going on at the moment, what you've sent and received, and where you can leave (hopefully positive) feedback for users that have sent you an item or payment. More information and a "how-to" guide can be found here.

From 20th December 2008, new members will need to be vouched for by a current member (who has a feedback score of at least +3 on this community) or have a feedback score of at least +10 on thriftstoreuk or eBay. We will NOT approve your membership unless you contact us beforehand (telling us where your feedback is and under what username - if it is an eBay account or a different LJ account we will also need a message from that alias to confirm that it is yours), or we have received notification from a current member (with a feedback score of at least +3 on this community) that they are willing to vouch for you.

Your LiveJournal account must be active, and at least 3 months old.

If we do not receive notification from another member that they will vouch for you, or information from yourself indicating that you have the feedback required, your membership request will be declined. It is advisable to e-mail vouches/information to both the moderators, as we both manage membership requests. E-mail addresses are listed in the 'Moderators' section.


Feedback can be left at pt_feedback. The feedback tally chart can be found here.


So, what exactly can I sell here?

We allow the sale of clothing from a size 18 (UK) upwards - we have chosen this size as it is the clothing size that most stores end at, and also that most plus-sized stores start at. We also allow the sale of shoes of any size, so long as they are wide fitting. If you are selling footwear, you must specify in your post that footwear is suitable for wide feet.

Right, okay - what *can't* I sell here?

Any clothing smaller than a size 18 (UK) and shoes that aren't wide fitting . Also, anything that does not fit into either of these catagories is strictly prohibited - i.e. CD's, books, jewellery, etc. Remember that this community is primarily for plus-sized clothing, not "bric-a-brac" - save those for general communities like thriftstoreuk and niceboots, etc.

Can I post wants/trade lists?

Yes, but they must be for items that can be sold in the community - see above.

What about images?

Only one 300 x 300 pixel image is allowed outside of a LJ cut. You may have more than one image, providing that the total area of these images is not larger than 300 x 300 pixels. There are no specifications for images within a LJ cut, but please bear in mind that large images take a long time to load on slow connections and overly large images are difficult to view.

How often can I post?

You can post as often as you like, but you can only *repost* once a week - i.e. if you post about a blue dress on Monday, you can't post about that same blue dress again until the following Monday. Reposts must be clearly marked with the word "repost" - either in the subject or the post itself.

Can I link to my eBay sales?

eBay links are allowed, but must be clearly labelled (i.e. the word "eBay" somewhere in the post), and be part of a 'regular post'.
You may only post one eBay link a week (i.e. Monday to following Monday), regardless of whether or not it is the same item.

eBay links are not to be posted alone.

Anything else?

You *must* obtain proof of postage when sending items. This will mean that you will need to go to the post office and ask for it (or fill out a proof of postage slip and take it to the post office). This is proof to the buyer that you have posted the item, and also entitles you to compensation so that neither you or the buyer will be "out of pocket" if an item should happen to get lost. If you are sending something of high value it is highly recommended that you pay for extra insurance and/or send via recorded/special delivery.

PayPal payments - you are not allowed to ask to be paid by personal payment, as it doesn't give the buyer any protection (and some people are unaware of this fact). If the buyer wants to pay by/asks about paying by personal payment, that's fine, but you cannot request it.


fatshionista - this is a U.S based community, specialising in size acceptance, with plus-sized sales on Fridays. A political group; this place is not for shrinking violets, more those who love to shout from the rooftops about how big their bum looks in this!

thriftstoreuk - got something to sell that isn't appropriate for perfect_twenty? Join here!


When e-mailing a moderator ('mod'), please use a clear subject (i.e. Perfect Twenty).

pocodanza (sdaviesiow[at]gmail.com)
redfi (shep.fiona[at]o2.co.uk)